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Merging Tickets 
merge merge tickets

Merging from the Inbox:

To merge a ticket into another, simply click on the 3-dot menu for the ticket you want to get rid of in the inbox and click the merge link.

Enter the ticket number for the ticket you wish to merge the ticket into.

You will then get a message stating:

'Confirm Merge'

Merge ticket #3 into ticket #4?

The customer, SLA times & settings etc from #4 will be kept.

Click Yes and you'll be left with Ticket #4.

#3 will no longer exist and instead will be part of ticket #4.

Merging from the Ticket Screen

To merge a ticket into the ticket you have open, click on the 'Show Other Conversation' links.

Find the ticket you want to get rid of, and merge into the current ticket, from the list of other tickets that appears. Then , click the 3 dot menu, followed by the merge link.

Then, check the details and, if happy to proceed, click the 'Yes' button.

All done!

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