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You can create companies in EvantoDesk with associated domain(s).

When you do so, EvantoDesk will automatically associate any customer with a matching domain to that company.

Then, on the Ticket List screen, you can view all tickets from that company suing the Company filter -

Switch on Companies
Switch on companies via Settings > Scale My Desk.

Adding Companies
EvantoDesk will now automatically add new companies to your desk whenever an email comes in from a domain that is not already associated with a company.

However you can also add companies manually. Click on 'Companies' from the main menu (a sub-menu of Customers) and then, when on the Companies screen, click 'Add New Company' from the 3-dot menu.

Adding Domains
When you add a domain to a company, all existing customers, and all new customers, whose email address matches any of the domains will be added to that company.

Deleting Domains
When you delete a domain from a company, all customers matching that domain (that were associated with the company), will be disassociated. So, if you do delete a domain by mistake, then just simply re-add it, no harm done!

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