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Labels are a great way of organising your tickets.

Adding or Editing Labels
To add a new label, or to edit an existing one, go to Settings > Labels (under Ticket Related Settings).

Each label has a name and a color.

Adding Label to a Ticket
You can add a label to a ticket either on the ticket list screen or the ticket screen itself.

To add a label, click the 3-dot menu and select 'Labels'.

Start typing the label you want to add and select it from the list.

Removing a Label
To remove a label, simply click on the orange cross - either on the ticket (by the subject), or in the Labels text-box.

What's the difference between labels and tags?
Tags are great for adding key-words to tickets, so they are easily available in searches (for example if the ticket emails are vague). Also, if the tag matches those for a folder, the ticket automatically gets added to the folder.

Labels on the other hand are displayed clearly on the ticket itself and are used to give visual information about a ticket, as well as a way of filtering all tickets matching any label(s).

Adding Labels via Workflows (e.g. Auto Actions).
Coming very soon!

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