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Monitor Rules 
Monitor Rules

Monitor Rules allow you to decide what automatic actions should be taken when certain conditions are met (for any open ticket).  EvantoDesk will run the Monitor Rules frequently throughout the day (approximately every hour).

Please note that once a ticket matches the requirements to trigger a Monitor Rule, the ticket will never trigger the monitor rule again, even if the rule is subsequently changed.

To set up a monitor rule, please follow these steps:

Step 1:
Under the 'Workflow' section of the Admin page, click on the Monitor Rules link and click on the 'Add New' button.

Step 2:
Add a name and description (optional) for the new rule then click the 'Add Rule' button.

Step 3:
Add any number of conditions upon which the rule should be executed. When you add more than one condition, EvantoDesk will ask you whether or not one or all of the conditions should be matched before the rule is executed.

Step 4:
Next add the actions that you want EvantoDesk to perform on the ticket when the rule is executed.

Step 5:
That's it! You can come back of course and edit your rules at any time (on the Admin > Monitor Rules page, click on the 'Edit' button for the rule that you want to edit.

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