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Website Widget 
widget website widget

You can include the widget on any website. It allows customers to contact you and/or search you help docs.

Get Started
To get started, go to Settings > Widget Settings (under Plug In Settings).

Then simply complete the settings available.

To get help, hover on the question mark icon by each settings.

For the banner image, you can either upload your own logo or you can allow us to create an image for you, using up to 5 profile photos of your agents.

Include Widget On Your Website(s).
Just copy and paste the widget code (at the bottom of the settings screen) onto the pages of your website that you want the widget on.

Be aware of the need to alter the ?v=1 part of the widget code every time you update your settings.

Here's our version of the widget -

View it live at - but screenshots below:

The widget icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your website.

When clicked, the widget will pop open like this -

If you need any help at all, please just let us know.

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