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MailChimp is a widely used email marketing program that can be seamlessly integrated with EvantoDesk.

Once integrated, you'll be able to view the lists that your customer is subscribed to and add or remove them from any lists, directly from the ticket or customer view page.

1.0 Getting Started
To get started go to the Admin page and, under the Integration Settings section, click on the Integrations link. On the Integrations page, simply switch the MailChimp setting to on.

You should then hover on the word MailChimp and the following popup will appear:

Click on 'Manage API Keys' and another popup will appear (as below). In this popup enter as many API Keys as you like. Your API Keys can be located in MailChimp by navigating to your account and then clicking on the 'Extras > API Keys' menu option.

2.0 Adding Customers To Your Lists
Customers can be added or removed from your lists on the ticket view or on the customer profile page.

2.1 Ticket View
On the ticket view page, click on the three-line blue menu button before clicking on the MailChimp tab. EvantoDesk will then contact MailChimp and retreiev all of the lists that the customer is on. You can then add or remove them from your lists.

2.2 Customer Profile
On the customer profile page, you should click on the Integrations button.  EvantoDesk will then contact MailChimp and retrieve all of the lists that the customer is on. You can then add or remove them from your lists.

And so, that's a wrap! A really neat integration to ensure you utilise your customer database in both EvantoDesk and MailChimp.

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