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Data Analysis 
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The report page is often all our customers need when analysing team performance however EvantoDesk also comes with in-depth data analysis functionality.
The data analysis pages allow you to really dig down deep into your data, generate your own charts and graphs and download a huge number of performance metrics.

There is a data analysis section for:
  • Busy Time of Day (shows you which periods of which day the tickets get created). Such a useful tool when planning your staff cover timesheets.
  • Team (shows you more in-depth performance metrics than just the Report Page for your team).
  • Chart Builder (allows you to create your own charts and graphs for time periods of your choosing).
  • Timesheets (only used if you have switched on time sheets via the Scale Your Desk page). This is used if you need to invoice your customers for time spent dealing with their enquiries. This is functionality used by our larger customers that have contracts to support other companies employees.

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