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Forward Your Emails to EvantoDesk 
Email Forwarding

When you sign up with EvantoDesk you are assigned an EvantoDesk url such as You also get automatically assigned an email address like

If you like, you can ask your customers to contact you at and these emails will come directly into your EvantoDesk inbox.

However, you will normally want your customers to contact you via your own email addresses. For example, if your customers contact you via, then you need to forward these emails to so that you can reply to them from EvantoDesk. To do this, follow the following instructions:

Step 1:
From the menu, hover on the Dashboard > Admin menu item and then, under the Email section, click on the Email Addresses link.

Step 2:
Click on the edit button for the email address you wish to edit (if you have just signed up there will only be one email address to choose from).

Step 3:
On the edit screen you need to complete the following as shown in the screenshot below. The name is what your customer will see if the 'From' column of their inbox.

Step 4:
Now, forward your emails from your email address (eg to EvantoDesk. This will vary depending on which company you use to provide your emails. Usually, if you have an email such as, you will need to add a forwarding rule directly with your hosting company e.g. GoDaddy or 123-reg. If however you use a Gmail or Yahoo account then you need to add the forwarding rule with Gmail or Yahoo etc.






For other email providers, please google the following search term "forward my provider e.g. hotmail emails". If you need help, then contact us!

Step 5 (optional):
If you have an email address such as info@mycompany,com you should now add what's called an spf and DKIM record to your DNS record. Ouch, sounds complicated right?! Don't worry it's not too bad and we are here to help.

If you don't add an spf and DKIM record then you can still receive and reply to emails using EvantoDesk so this step is optional. However, any replies you send will be sent from your EvantoDesk forwarding email address e.g. rather than your own email address This is because otherwise you may fall foul of stringent anti-spam rules and your email may end up in your customers spam folder.

To add an spf and DKIM record please visit the following article:

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