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Forward Your Emails To EvantoDesk 


Video Transcript:

I would now like to show you how to forward your customer emails into Evanto Desk.

So, let's get started!

From the menu, select Admin and, then, under the Email section, click on the Email Addresses link.

Click on the edit button for the email address that you wish to edit, if you have just signed up there will only be one email address to choose from.

Change the name so that customers know who the email is from.

You can automatically assign any incoming emails to a group such as the 'Sales Group'.

If you wish to use the agents name instead of the name in Name field, then select Yes here.

Now click the Update Details button.

We must now forward your emails to EvantoDesk. The email address we need to forward them to is the Forward Email Address value, which will be different for each email address you have. In this case it is,

If you go to our support site,, and search our help docs, you can see more help on doing this.

The way to do this will vary, depending on which company you use to provide your emails.

Usually you will need to add a forwarding rule directly with your hosting company e.g. Go Daddy or 1 2 3 reg. If, however, you use a G mail or Yahoo account etc, then you need to add the forwarding rule with Gmail or Yahoo.

The next part is optional, and can always be done at a later date. But, For best practice, and to comply with anti spam rules, you should now add what's called an SPF and DKIM record to your DNS record.

Back on the Email Addresses page, look under the section Domains and click the obtain DNS settings link. These values will then populate.

If you search our help docs, you can see in more detail how to add the records.

You will need to go to your domain registration website (e.g. Go Daddy or 1 2 3 reg, etc) and find the DNS settings section.

Then add the SPF and DKIM records in.

That's it. Once the records have updated then the email settings page will update and you will see a green message saying that this domain has been verified.

So, there we are.

Lovely job!

We hope this video has been helpful and welcome your feedback at any time.

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