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Facebook Integration 

Keeping track of your social media pages isn't easy. It can be hard to spot new posts or comments on Facebook and you have to remember to sign in each time to check. If someone posts or comments on your page and doesn't get a response they might go elsewhere.

So, let EvantoDesk solve that problem!  EvantoDesk allows you to bring all of your Facebook posts and comments (and those people add to your wall) and messages into your EvantoDesk inbox. We check for new posts, milestones and messages about every 30 minutes.

You can then reply directly back to each post, comment or message directly from EvantoDesk.

Configuring Your Facebook Settings
Choose the Dashboard > Admin option from the menu bar and, under the 'Integrations' section, select 'Facebook Settings'.

1) On the Facebook Settings page you need to first select whether or not to automatically import all posts into EvantoDesk. You can choose to collect posts and comments from just your managed pages, just your personal page or from both.  If you choose to collect posts and comments from your personal pages, you can then choose which Agent Group to assign these posts to.  This is optional by the way.

2) You should then choose whether or not you want to import private messages from your managed pages. If you choose to, then all private messages will be imported into EvantoDesk and turned into a ticket. All replies will also be added to the same ticket. Facebook does not allow private messages to personal pages to be exported to external applications such as EvantoDesk so that's why you can only choose to import from your managed pages.

3) The final option you can choose is whether you want to allow new posts to your pages to be added directly from EvantoDesk. You can choose to allow all agents or just supervisors and administrators or just administrators. New posts can be added via the New Ticket > Facebook Status menu option if you choose to allow this.

Tell Us What Pages You Manage
We need to know what pages you manage. To do this, make sure you are signed into Facebook on the same browser that you are accessing EvantoDesk from. Then simply click the 'Collect/Update My Pages' button. This will populate EvantoDesk with all of your managed pages. You can then do further configuration. Below is a screenshot of what this looks like, with the users managed pages listed.

Once your pages have been imported into EvantoDesk and are listed, you can then configure these pages further. To do this, click on the Edit button and then configure each page options in the window that pops up as shown here:

And finally....

Authorising Facebook
You then need to give EvantoDesk permission to access your Facebook account. To do this please click the 'Get/Renew Facebook Access' button. You'll then be redirected to Facebook where you should follow the steps given by Facebook.

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